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Nill Vai Digital marketer

|native_name=নীল ভাই


| other_names = Nazmul Islam Nishat

|birth_place=Bogura District Bangladesh

| birth_date = 18 August 2005 (2005-08-18) (age 17)



|education=Gobindaganj Govt. Collage

| religion = Muslim

| years_active = 2020–present

| known_for = digital marketing

|height=5 Fit 5 Inch

| occupation = Digital marketing and Freelancing

| parents = MD MAHBUBUR RAHMAN (Father)

| parents = MST NICH BEGUM (Mother)

| notable_works = Digital marketer and Freelancer

| awards = Full list


Nazmul Islam Nishat (Bengali: নাজমুল ইসলাম নিশাত; born August 18, 2005 (age 17 years),Bogura District, Bangladesh), best known as Nill Vai (Bengali: নীল ভাই), is a Bangladeshi young freelancer, digital marketer and Musical artist. He is highly experienced in digital marketing, Facebook promotion.Nill has been successfully working with digital marketing in and outside the country. He has completed more than 200+ projects so far.

Early Life

Nill Vai is a Bangladeshi Digital marketer and Freelancer Nill Vai He is mostly known as an digital marketing rather than a social media promotion. He was born in 2005 in Bogura.


'Nazmul Islam Nishat who is known as Nill Vai. Nill Vai is an Digital marketer. Nill Vai is already a verified artist on international music platforms like YouTube, Audiomac, iTunes and Spotify etc.


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