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Nightcruz is the name of several Transformers characters.


Robots in Disguise

A Hasbro-exclusive repaint of Vehicon Spy Streak, Nightcruz was an Autobot released with Scavenger and Mirage GT and had no biography.

Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" later established Nightcruz as a female Transformer and member of the Robots in Disguise version of the Elite Guard.


  • Mirage GT, Nightcruz, and Scavenger (2002)
A three pack of repaints of Beast Machines toys: Nightcruz was the only one to receive a completely different name from the original figure.

Unicron Trilogy

The second Nightcruz was a Mini-Con released in the Transformers: Energon toy line.


Repaints of Transformers: Armada Sideways, Rook, and Crosswise.