Nguyễn Xuân Huy

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Nguyễn Xuân Huy Verified.png
Nguyễn Xuân Huy
Nguyễn Xuân Huy,
Native name Nguyễn Xuân Huy
Born 1th Auguth 2004
Thái Nguyên,Việt Nam
Residence Thái Nguyên,Việt Nam
Nationality Việt Nam
Education Khanh Hoa High School
Occupation Singer
Years active 2019
Known for musician , singer
Height 167 cm
Religion Buddhism

[email protected] . Instagram : n.x.hyy

Facebook :


Nguyen Xuan Huy (born August 1, 2004) is a male singer and composer Vietnamese. He comes from an artistic family, with his father a musician and mother a singer. Since childhood, Xuan Huy has often stood on the same stage to perform with his mother. By 2020, Xuan Huy began to be noticed through his debut single "Riu Tinh"[1]. He participated in the reality TV show Vietnamese Musical Idol in 2021 and finished with the title of runner-up. His single "Pressure" was released this year to some success.

Xuan Huy was voted by Locobren magazine as one of 15 outstanding young figures in the fields of art and fashion.  Throughout 2021–22, he has the opportunity to perform in many musical events[2]
== Childhood ==
Nguyen Xuan Huy was born on August 1, 2004, the youngest child in a traditional musical family.
Xuan Huy spent 3 and a half years studying classical Piano at Hanoi Academy of Music.[3] In 2020, Xuan Huy was admitted to the juilliard school of Music in New York (state)|New york.  However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he chose to stay in Vietnam to develop his career music. Xuan Huy still plans to study at a university in the country in the future.  , pursuing a major in Information Technology or Guitar at the Conservatory of Music. In 2021, Xuan Huy won a partial scholarship for a Bachelor's course at Saigon International University |  Saigon International University .]]


== 2015–2021: Starting a career ==
Since childhood, Xuan Huy had the opportunity to perform with his mother in many music programs.  Then focus on composing music for a while away from the stage.
In 2020, he released many guitar-inspired songs such as  Love Wine [4] for many releases  sharp album deep and quiet guitar
From the beginning of the musical path, Xuan Huy has developed more music and himself
== 2021–present: Independent success ==
Xuan Huy and his grandfather performed at many stages
In January 2021, Xuan Huy collaborated with md mahin hossain and producer 1 foreign music album
This is the first time Xuan Huy has collaborated with a foreign artist to produce. The song is featured on many music platforms. In November 2021, Xuan Huy collaborated to perform at the Head music festival.  in the Clouds was organized by the 88rising record label, and took place at Rose Bowl, Los Angeles.  The show also features Asian-American and Asian-American artists such as CL, Joji, Niki and Rich Brian.  [5][6]January  In 2022, Xuan Huy begins his 2-month tour around Europe
The tour has made him known to more international people
== Art style ==
Avicii is the one who inspires Xuan Huy in terms of performance and singing
In his youth, Xuan Huy watched his parents perform and was led to see many shows by US artists. From the age of 12, Xuan Huy tried his hand at singing and recording  and learned about equipment and methods.  recording.

Xuan Huy repeatedly mentioned musician Avicii as the biggest inspiration that motivated him to learn how to play bass guitar and sing at the same time. Xuan Huy exchanged with Vietcetera: "Bass player is known quite popularly in his role.  But Esperanza can sing and play bass at the same time; that's very difficult. He conjures up images of passion and is very determined, confident on stage and drives him to want to be one.  Avicii, Jones, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Lucky Daye, Billie Eilish, Niki, Jacob Collier and French Kiwi Juice are the other artists that Xuan Huy has.  admire.
Xuan Huy's compositions are aimed at changing foreign colors, mixing many elements such as R&B, [[[Alternative rock|alternative R&B,]] soul, blues, electropop and bossa nova.  When I was interviewed on a TV show about my music, Xuan Huy replied Template:I just try to do the best that I can, reflect the emotions I've been through in a way. the most natural.Xuan Huy also thinks that he doesn't like to follow trends and feels that "the art world sometimes lacks freshness, so it's something that I always try to preserve.

Private Life

Xuan Huy shared about his love of reading: "I feel that life lacks many things that we don't know how to read, which makes us less stressed and tired. Similarly, the tattoos on Xuan Huy's body also say about his passion for music.
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