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Transformers character
Nexus Prime toy
Name Nexus Maximus/Nexus Prime
Alternate modes Breakaway (left arm), Heatwave (torso), Landquake (right arm), Skyfall (left leg) and Topspin (right leg)
Gender Male
Motto "Tyranny is the armor of the fearful."
Sub-group Club Exclusives, Combiners, Primes

Nexus Prime is a fictional character from the Transformers series. Nexus Prime is the combined form of five Transformers Collectors Club exclusive membership toys. He was at one point going to be named Nexus Maximus, until it was discovered that the name belonged to another product.

Transformers: Timelines

A singular entity within the multiverse, Nexus Prime is one of the original thirteen Transformers, created by Primus to guard the multiverse's Rarefied Energon. However, Nexus was separated into five separate beings that were scattered into other dimensions and developed their own identity, with no knowledge of their previous existence. His right arm is formed by the Decepticon Landquake. [1]

While three of his components are Decepticons, and 2 Autobots, his official biography printed in Transformers Collectors Club Magazine list him as an Autobot.


When Nexus Maximus' name was being proposed to Hasbro's legal department, the Transformers Collectors Club initially suggested the names "Nexus Prime" and "Maximus Prime". Though the legal department disapproved of those names, it suggested the combining of those names into Nexus Maximus. [2] This later brought some embarrassment to Hasbro when it was discovered that Nexus Maximus was also the name of a sexual aid. [3] The name was later changed to Nexus Prime.

Fun Publications

According to his biography Nexus Prime is one of the original 13 Transformers created by Primus. After a great betrayal he was charged with hiding the 5 pieces of Prima's sword Star Saber. Using the sword, Nexus Prime cut himself into 5 parts and each took a piece of the sword to hide. Eventually the 5 members lost the memory of their past.

In Balancing Act one of the Nexus' components, an Autobot named Skyfall, was the first to question his missing memories and encountered Vector Prime and Ramjet, the former recognizing his true nature.

In Revelations Skyfall became involved in a Mini-Con civil war and met the Decepticon Landquake, both feeling familiar with the other before they ended up in another dimension.

In Crossing Over they each sided with their respective sides before they encounter another kindred spirit, the Autobot Breakaway, who was guarding a super energon pool with no memory of why. They were joined by the Autobot Cliffjumper.[4]

In Transcendent Cliffjumper is lost in another dimension, as the three arrive in the dimension of Transtech Cybertron, where they found Topspin in the city of Axiom Nexus. Escaping with Alpha Trion, the foursome came to the Shattered Glass dimension to find their fifth member. In the process Alpha Trion betrays and kills Skyfall.

In Reunification the three surviving members take Skyfall's body and escape Alpha Trion. They flee the mad Autobot combiner Computron with the help of Aquarius Quintesson. Meeting with Megatron and their last member Heatwave they are shocked when Cyclonus attempts to kill the Decepticon leader. Using their combined powers they are able to rebuild Megatron as the heroic Galvatron. This also leads to their combination as Nexus Prime - which also returns Skyfall to life. Nexus Prime defeats the Autobot super weapon Omega Doom and stops Cybertron's sun from exploding from Doom's missile. He leaves this Cybertron using Alpha Trion's Stellar Spanner with the company of Aquarius the Quintesson.

In The Coming Storm Nexus Prime and Aquarius arrive on the Wings of Honor Cybertron where they are attacked by Jetstorm, Deluge, Runabout and Runamuck. Nexus Prime quickly trounces the four Decepticons and leaves that dimension with his traveling companion.

In A Flash Forward, Nexus Prime would return to Shattered Glass Cybertron in order to recover the Origin Matrix from Ultra Mammoth, whom he found locked in battle with Ultra Magnus. After handily defeating the evil Autobot, Nexus Prime casts him to an unknown location before setting out to insure that madmen like him can no longer threaten all of reality.

In Another Light, Nexus Prime employs the Terminus Blade and Star Saber at a vulnerable point in the multiverse in order to separate the various streams of reality from each other. He does this in hopes of preventing further destruction as seen when the Classics universe was destroyed with only it's Earth and some of it's Cybertronian inhabitants surviving. The other members of the Thirteen arrive in an effort to prevent this from occurring, but fail. As a result, the members of the Thirteen, Primus, and Unicron cease to be multiversal singularities and are split into separate incarnations in each of the various multiversal streams.




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