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Natalie Jenner
Born 1968 (age 53–54)[1]
United Kingdom
Nationality Canada
Occupation lawyer, bookstore owner, novelist
Known for published a highly reviewed novel

Natalie Jenner, a Canadian author, is a former lawyer, and former bookstore owner.[2][3][4]

In 2015, after more than a decade working as a corporate lawyer, Jenner took over Archetype Books, in Oakville, Ontario, the town where she grew up and had spent most of her adult life.[5][6] Running a bookstore had been a labour of love, but Jenner closed it in 2016, when she and her husband learned he had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that was almost always fatal.[7] Her husband received new treatments, and, as of 2021, is in stable condition.

During the years when he was very ill, she comforted herself by turning to the works of Jane Austen, who had always been one of her favourite authors.[6] She took a vacation to England, where she visited the estate at Chawton, where Chawten Cottage, where Austen lived her last seven years, and where she lived when her books were published.

Jenner had written five novels, when she was younger, but was unable to get them published.[6] Following her trip she describes being inspired to return to writing, and wrote The Jane Austen Society. The novel is set shortly after World War 2. Her fictional characters work to make sure Chawton Cottage is not demolished by a developer.

Her book was received very positively.[6][8][9] Film rights were sold. It was scheduled to be translated into eighteen languages.

Jenner's sophomore novel, The Bloomsbury Girls, is scheduled for publication in May 2022.[6]


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