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Natalie Bracht is a joint citizen of the United Kingdom and Germany who travelled to Daesh-occupied Syria, and married Celso Rodrigues Da Costa, a UK citizen who volunteered to be a jihadi fighter.[1]

Bracht father is a former UK paratrooper, who married a German woman, who raised Bracht in Germany.[1] She returned to Scotland as an adult.

According to The Daily Record Bracht became a subject of press coverage in 2008, when she disappeared from her home in Sunderland, with her five daughters, because she feared child services authorities were going to take them away from her.[2][1] On November 20, 2008 The Northern Echo reported that she disappeared on May 17, 2008, and that her parents were still appealing to her to emerge from hiding.[3] Bracht was found in Munich on November 25, 2008.[4] Her daughters were taken away by German authorities, when she was apprehended, while trying to travel to Turkey. German authorities released her, without charge, a month later.[5]

Da Costa is reported to have courted her, online, while, in the UK, while married to Reema Iqbal.[5] The two women, and Bracht's daughters, traveled with Da Costa to Daesh-occupied Syria in 2014. Bracht's father says that she phoned him, in alarm, from Hungary, telling him she was in fear for her life, saying her traveling companions might kill her, if she tried to defect.

While the press did not issue him a nickname, Da Costa is alleged to have been part of the unit identified with "Jihadi John", who tortured and murdered captives.[5]

Bracht had two more children, in Syria.

In 2019 The Daily Mail reported that Bracht, and four other women, Reema Iqbal, her sister Zara Iqbal, Ruzina Khanam and Maylbongwe Sibanda, constituted a female jihadi cell.[6]

In 2018 Bracht was believed to have made her way to a refugee camp. The location of her children is not known.


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