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Nat Bowen
Born July 17
United Kingdom
Occupation Visual Artist

Nat Bowen (born 17 July, United Kingdom) is a British abstract resin artist and entrepreneur. Her works are based on the study of chromology (the psychology of colour) and are influenced by the color field movement.[1][2] Nat Bowen recently did a collaboration with McLaren which was The Nat Bowen X McLaren 'Queen Of Colour' Exhibition In A 3D Space in Dubai.[3][4]

Early life

Bowen was born in Solihull and attended Stratford Girls' Grammar School. From an early age she was interested in art and experimented with design processes, materials and different mediums.[5] She completed a BTEC National Diploma course in fashion at Birmingham City University before going to study fashion design at the London College of Fashion, specialising in the creation of fashion collections using manipulated artworks as prints.[6][7]


Bowen is known for her multi-layered resin pieces, both in large scale works and smaller trademarked fragments. Chromology, the psychology behind colour and the brain's response to it, is incorporated into her work, with the viewer having a physical and emotional response to the art based on their own perceptions and experiences.[8][9]

She incorporates a mix of synthetic neon pigments, such as Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan, into her pieces.[10] As Bowen did not attend art school, the resin technique she uses is largely self-taught.[8] Bowen has been described as "vibrant, bold and most importantly colourful", traits which inform her work. [11] Curator Len Gordon has described her works as "aesthetically satisfying pieces that will honour any collection".[12]

Notable works include ‘Black Diamond’, a canvas created using meteorite dust and black diamonds,‘Fragments’, part of her Back to Light collection at the Saatchi Gallery and ‘Pink Diamond’, made with 1,000 carats of pink diamond and several layers of natural pink rose petal pigment.[13]

Her work has collectors from Europe, New York and the Far East.[14]


  • Back to Light, Saatchi Gallery, London, October 2020
  • Chromadelic, 45 Park Lane, Dorchester Collection, London, 2021


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