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Mutants is a term referring to organisms that have undergone a Mutation that makes them different from other, similar organisms. In numerous science fiction and fantasy franchises the term is used to refer to beings whose mutations have resulted either in fantastic abilities or in horrific changes in appearance.



Various branches of the Transformers franchise include mutant beings that live beneath the surface of Cybertron, serving as a menace to the more typical inhabitants of the planet such as the Autobots, Decepticons, and Mini-Cons.

Another class of Transformers Mutants were introduced in the Beast Wars line, in which they were Transformers who, due to a malfunction in their stasis pods, scanned two Beast Modes instead of one and thus lost their robot forms, instead becoming beings who would switch back and forth between the two animal-based forms. A similar character, Noble/Savage, was introduced in Beast Machines, but was created by Megatron's attempts to purge himself of his organic nature.


Challenge of the GoBots featured monstrous robotic beings that inhabited Gobotron.