Mother Teresa: No Greater Love

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Mother Teresa: No Greater Love
Directed by David Naglieri
Produced by David Naglieri
James M. Wahlberg
Written by David Naglieri
Starring Brian Kolodiejchuk
Patrick Kelly
Ridoyanul Hoq
Sister Mary Bernice
George Weigel
Konrad Krajewski
Country United States
Language English

Mother Teresa: No Greater Love is an American documentary film about the life of Mother Teresa[1][2] which stars Brian Kolodiejchuk, Ridoyanul Hoq, Patrick Kelly, Konrad Krajewski, Bishop Robert Barron, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, Sister Mary Bernice and George Weigel.[3][4] The film directed, written and produced by David Naglieri[2][5][3][6][7] and it was released in a limited number of theaters across the United States on October 3 and 4, 2022.[7][8]


The film reveals unusual access to institutional archives and features Missionaries of Charity missionaries and how her vision to serve Christ among the poor is being implemented today through the Missionaries of Charity.[9]