Mosharaf Hossain

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Mosharaf Hossain

Picture of Mosharaf Hossain
Born Mosharaf
16 May 1999
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Singer
Known for Entrepreneur, Singer, Rock Guitarist, Writer and Lyricist
Notable works Digital Beats

Mosharaf Hossain ( মোশারফ হোসেন) is a Musical Artist , Singer, Rock Guitarist, Writer and Lyricist. He was born 1999 May 16 in Mymensingh , Bangladesh. He is the founder and CEO of Digital Beats, a full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes. Mosharaf Beats first started its journey through music studio but now it is going with facilities like digital marketing. Mosharaf Hossain has a deep understanding of what it takes for a business to completely crush it on the social media landscape. His expertise in marketing has allowed him to help a number of businesses increase their revenue by tremendous amounts. He has released and worked on more than 10 albums and composed about 100 songs. He also works in the Bangladesh and Indian Music industries.

Early Life

Mosharraf Bhawal was a student at Badar Alam Government University. From a young age he wanted to do something different. He started working in music when he was just 13 years old. From then on he started working as a child music artist. He has been brought up in music since childhood. He is also a successful man as a digital marketer


He has many credentials as an Entrepreneur, Singer, Rock Guitarist, Writer and Lyricist. But he feels more comfortable in his career as a music composer. His composers “It's Rock” and “Crypto?” received special praise from the audience. That music is at the top of the list of favorites of many viewers in other countries including Bangladesh.


1. It’s Rock 2. Crypto 3. Still nid night 4. Dj-Angel 5. Beauty 6. Royal Rush 7. Barbecue Heart 8. Rock time five in one