Mohammed Noor Masri

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Mohammed Noor Masri
Born Australia
Known for travelling to Daesh to live under a brutal interpretation of Islamic law

Mohammed Noor Masri is an Australian who travelled to Daesh-occupied territory, to live under a severe and brutal interpretation of Islamic law.[1]

In an interview with Australian reporter David Wroe Masri said he had been misled into travelling to Daesh territory, a mistake he is willing to face the consequences, but pled for his pregnant wife, Shayma Assaad, and their children, to be repatriated to Australia.[2]

Masri was a air-conditioning service technician, in Australia, who travelled to Daesh-occupied Syria in 2015.[2] He met and married Assaad, then only 15 years old, in Syria, where she had been brought by her parents.


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