Mohammad Mehedi Hasan

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Mohammad Mehedi Hasan , a well known creative Writer and Editor. He writes many articles on various types of Blogs, Newspapers and Books. He is a social worker[1]. He is an active member of Volenteer for Bangladesh & JAGGO foundation[2], Human Aid Bangladesh[3]. He is also a freelance translator of Khan Academy[4] & United Nations Online Volunteer[5].
Mohammad Mehedi Hasan
Native name Mehedi Hasan
Born 18 June, 1994
Comilla District
Residence Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Citizenship Bangladeshi
Alma mater Department of Physics, Comilla Victoria Govt. College

Early life and education

Mohammad Mehedi Hasan born in Dhaka in 1994. His home district is Comilla. He complete his graduation from Comilla Victoria Government College. He complete his under graduation & secondary education from Comilla Govt. College & Batisa Secondary School.


In 2014, Mehedi started writing under a publication. He is now a Writer & Editor of Puthiniloy Publication[6]. From that time he started to writing in Blogs & many other organisations. Basically he is a freelance writer of Khan Academy[4] & United Nations Online Volunteer[5].