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Headrobots character
Headrobots Mixcoatl box
First appearance

NordCon 2010
Created by

Species Transformer
Occupation Intelligence Officer (former)

Alternate mode

Robotic cobra/head
Tech specs

ST02 IN08 SP02 EN09

RN06 CO07 FB03 SK08

Mixcoatl is a fictional character made by third-party Transformer company Headrobots in 2010 as a NordCon exclusive. He is an homage to both an unreleased Takara Headmaster Cobra toy.


In 2010 Headrobots created Mixcoatl, an evil Headrobot.

Promotional photos of Mixcoatl display it using the Generation 1 Skullcruncher body.


NordCon announced their exclusive Headrobot toy in June 2010.[1]

Mixcoatl was released at Nordcon 2010.


Fictional biography

Profile: Always the survivor, the being later known as Mixcoatl was a highly skilled intelligence agent, with the respect of his commanders and the adoration of his peers for his skills, tenacity and dedication. But no one knew his real secret of being a double-agent for the rebellious underground, until that faithful day when he was exposed and forced to escape in an experimental space craft being developed on-site.

Hardly free of the planet's atmosphere, the small craft was sucked into a suddenly appearing wormhole and transported to 16th century Earth, where it crash landed in South America. Heavily damaged by the impact, the wounded passenger was found by a Mesoamerican tribe, who saw him as the embodiment of their holy god, Mixcoatl - the Fire Serpent. Amnesiac, but still spurred by his survival instincts, he allowed himself to be cared for by the high priests, and gradually became empathic towards the tribesmen's life and rituals - practically assuming the role of the real Mixcoatl, both in the eyes of the tribe as well as his own.

Locating the wreckage of his former transport one day, the pseudo-god Mixcoatl started to modify his robotic structure with parts of the once experimental spacecraft in order to better protect his tribesmen. But what he didn't know, was that by chance he had used the experimental technology from the craft to unknowingly make himself a beacon for wormholes. This came to be when Mixcoatl was sucked up by a space vortex, trying to protect his city and his worshippers from a rival tribe - casting him deep into the vortex of time and space.

Abilities: In his modified form of a tracked snake-like creature, Mixcoatl is able to traverse even the roughest terrain at decent speeds. Scanners located on his side of his head act as high precision ultra-sonic sonar, enabling him to both track and locate virtually anything, while also being able to be used as a super-sonic shock blast, causing great kinetic damage to any hapless victim. Modified using random parts from his damaged experimental spacecraft, Mixcoatl is able to traverse space and time through seemingly randomly appearing wormholes, which are in fact results of astronomic conditions.

Weaknesses: Wormhole-travel usually leaves Mixcoatl very weakened and confused, especially if they him at the most unfortunate moments, like when he is in his head mode. He is also very vulnerable in the open and tends to get stuck in muddy environments.


  • Headrobots Mixcoatl (2010)
A recolor of Headrobots Nightrider available exclusively at NordCon 2010. He is the same colors as the prototype of Headrobots Snake. When plugged into a 1987 Headmaster the chest displays SPD 7 STR 5 INT 6, although those are not his official tech spec numbers. Limited to 60 pieces.
The card for Mixcoatl is an homage to the Beast Wars toy line.



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