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The Mistress of Flame is a female character from the Transformers series introduced in Transformers: Combiner Wars.


Generation 1

Animated series

The Mistress is introduced in Combiner Wars as the former ruler of the planet Caminus. Following the disbanding of the Autobot and Decepticon factions, she joined former officers in both factions-Starscream and Rodimus Prime-in forming a new ruling council over the Cybertronian race. Unfortunately, her absence left Caminus to be devastated by the conflict between the Combiners, and Windblade came to view Maxima's departure as abandonment of their planet and her subjects. The Mistress became greatly concerned over the Combiner Wars, and was willing to consider employing the Enigma of Combination to create Combiners who would destroy those currently battling. When Starscream urged against such a murderous course, the Mistress pointedly reminded him of his own bloody past; the Council were then put under guard after a thwarted attempt by Windblade to destroy the Enigma resulted in Starscream's injury.

When Windblade, Optimus Prime, and Megatron arrived to destroy the Enigma, the Mistress and Starscream both feared that their own destruction was imminent, and the Mistress suggested threatening the intruders with the power of the Enigma and using it to control the Combiners. Rodimus and Starscream questioned the viability of such a strategy, but all three then faced off with the invaders; Windblade reviled the Mistress for proclaiming herself a guardian when she had left Caminus to its fate, angering the Mistress. She and her colleagues then retreated and left the invaders to face their defenses, only to have Devastator attack in pursuit of the Enigma; when Victorion arrives as well, the Mistress and her colleagues unlock the artifact. Rodimus is unable to employ it due to injuries sustained at Devastator's hands while the Mistress' Camien physiology prevents her from using it, and it thus falls to Starscream. However, the former Decepticon lieutenant revealed his true colors, using the Enigma to force all four Combiners-the bodies of Computron and Menasor having been recovered by the Council-to merge with him.

The Mistress later witnessed Starscream's defeat after Metroplex and Optimus' team joined forces to defeat him and recover the Enigma, which Windblade then presented to Victorion. After the Combiners departed, the Mistress expressed her approval of Windblade's choice, only to receive troubling news from the City Speaker: the Titans had returned.

The Mistress of Flame wields a glowing War hammer or staff, and is voiced by Lana McKissack.