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Minitron is a small, insectoid Decepticon from the Robots in Disguise animated series who was formelry a prisoner aboard the Alchemor.


Animated series

A Cyber-Tick with the ability to take control of other Cybertronians by biting them, Minitron was recruited by Steeljaw and employed to take control of Dinobot Grimlock, using him to attack his Autobot teammates in a bid to secure several Stasis pods containing Decepticons so as to add to their numbers. However, upon hearing from Russell Clay that Optimus Prime was supposedly due to arrive, the cowardly Minitron settled for the pod containing Underbite and left to reunite with Steeljaw. The Autobots soon trailed the Minitron-controlled Grimlock to a hydroelectric dam, where he confronted the Autobots only to be left behind by Steeljaw, who took Underbite and left Minitron to his fate. Once the Autobots had restrained Grimlock, Minitron began leaping from Autobot to Autobot and pitting them against each other, but was eventually captured by Grimlock when he attempted to leap back on to the Dinobot. Rather than crushing his tiny enemy, Grimlock subdued him, and the Autobots soon placed Minitron back in a Stasis pod suited to his tiny size.