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Micronauts Time Traveler toy

Micronauts are a toy line made by Mego starting in 1976.


Micronauts is a toy line started in 1976 by Mego. It was primarily made up of toys originally released by Takara under the Microman line, with some remolding and recoloring. It also included some remolded and recolors toys from Gowapper 5 Godam, Machine Saurer, Steel Jeeg and many original designs.

Microauts toys were mostly 1:18 scale space figures and vehicles which features 5mm pegs and port designs.

Mego licensed several other toy companies to release Micronauts. These include Airfix, El Greco, Gig, Grand Toys and Pin Pin Toys.


1976 toys

Toy Name Original mold use Release number Notes
Time Traveler Microman M10X figures 71000 Released in four color variants and with one of four different chest pieces.
Space Glider Microman Super Steel 21x 71001 Released in three color variants.
Galactic Warrior Microman Super Steel 22x 71002 Released in three color variants and with one of four different chest pieces.
Acroyear Microman Acroyear II 71003 Released in three color variants.
Galactic Cruiser Microman Space Buggy 71020
Hydra Microman Bulk Lifter 71021
Ultronic Scooter Microman Auto Buggy 71030
Crater Cruncher Microman Bull Crane 71031
Photon Sled Microman Super Jet 71032
Warp Racer Microman Formula Z 71033
Microtron Microman Micro Robot 71050
Hydro Copter Microman Marine Copter 71051
Gyrotron Microman Escargo n/a (71052?) Although advertised, this toy was never released in the Micronauts line.
Biotron Microman Robotman 71053
Mobile Exploration Lab Microman Conning Tower 71060
Stratastation Microman Road Station 71062
Astro Station Microman Connig Station 71061

1977 toys

Toy Name Original mold use Release number Notes
Pharoid Microman Command 2 M16x 71004 Released in three color variants.
Baron Karza Steel Jeeg Steel Jeeg 71005
Andromeda Steel Jeeg Panzeroid 71006
Acroyear II Microman Acroyear 71015 Released in three color variants.
Oberon Steel Jeeg Panzeroid 71034
Force Commander Steel Jeeg Steel Jeeg 71035
Rhodium Orbitor Gowapper 5 Godam Gesomachine 71036
Thorium Orbitor Microman Jet Mirror 71037
Neon Orbitor Microman Drag Tiger 71038
Battle Cruiser Microman Transfer Fortress 71054
Giant Acroyear Microman Giant Acroyear 71055


The Retro Robot Radio podcast for May 3rd, 2014 did a spotlight on Micronauts.[1]


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