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Picture of Micky Irons
Native name Micky Irons
Nationality United Kingdom
Occupation Entrepreneur

Micky Irons is a thirty-two years old serial Entrepreneur. He has founded several companies within the Web3 and Blockchain Space and has raised close to £350million for start up projects. In 2021, Over his time in the blockchain space, Micky Irons has worked on projects of all types including; NFT collections, DeFi protocols, application layers and metaverse and gaming titles. More specifically, he has served as CMO at Despace protocol. Micky Irons is also co-founder of an upcoming project known as Collector Crypt. This project is designed help people to store their items in a secure vault in return for a digital asset known as a pNFT (physical non-fungible token). He has experience as a CE&I Commissioning Engineer for multiple companies including; Morgan Sindall construction and infrastructure, Cavendish Nuclear and AVRS Systems Limited. He has also amassed extensive experience in both Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and advisory roles. Micky Irons is also the founder of Irons-foundation.io which supports the next generation of founders and business leaders in the world of blockchain and Web3. By 2021 he was the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for SportsIcons where he has collaborated with superstar athletes. In January 2022, Micky acted as the chief marketing officer for MetaENGINE for 7months. Additionally, he is an Associate Founder and a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Yonton Yo Studios. Yonton Yo Studios is his most recent masterpiece, they are yet to take the world by storm with revolutionary TCG game and technology that which will be adopted by the masses. Micky also believes that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” (A quote by Leonardo Da Vinci) and keeping the dream alive is cardinal.

Place of Birth: United Kingdom Country of Birth: United Kingdom

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