Michael Yelverton

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Michael Yelverton
Native name Michael Yelverton
Born Whisett, North Carolina
Occupation Musician, Producer, Gospel Artist, Band Director
Known for Music

Michael Yelverton Also known as Mike Yelverton (music artist) is on the move. Mike Yelverton is one of the World's Finest kept mysteries. Michael Yelverton is a music producer, educator, engineer, father, husband, leader, mentor, musical genius, and arranger and he’s a jewel in the body of Christ. Every outstanding director has something that they had to overcome through life! You win and lose some only to be molded into the extraordinary head you become. He’s a virtuous man, with a heart for individuals!


Professionally, Michael Yelverton is widely experienced in identifying musical talents and imparting them with the highest level of knowledge, vision, and motivation to succeed in the highly competitive and diverse music industry. Moreover, as a worship superior and church music coach for many years, Mike has raised quality vocal and instrumental personnel in various music kinds and genres led numerous soul-stirring worship sessions, and trained over 500 choir and praise teams on the fundamentals of church music and production. The opportunity to pursue a vocation in secular music was an eye-opener to the different places where music can be used to bring lasting differences and inspire true supervision in the lives of the young and old. Combining two music careers simultaneously heightened mike's horizon on the ideology that guides the invention of multifarious music styles and raised the bar of Michael's performance at all levels of proficient engagement, thereby prompting outstanding outputs and ingenious aptitudes in the discharge of Michael's tasks. Hence, music for mike is beyond the activity of music production rather it is an experience of a lifetime that contains talent management, team leadership, ministry, innovation, and an eye for detail respectively.


Michael Yelverton possesses great skills in music composition and arrangement, music theory and production, use of music electronics, ensemble accompaniment, and playing different musical pieces. Mike Yelverton is aware of the high level of academic performance that is required of graduate students and Michael Yelverton is eager to demonstrate academic excellence and scholarship throughout his program. Mike also possesses considerable analytical and critical thinking skills with a sound theoretical background in music history and piano master class sessions. Mike Yelverton is enthusiastic about this phase of his professional development and he looks forward to beginning his studies with significant expectations.