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Mia Alpha Brand
Founder(s) Michael Adeniyi Ajayi
Area served Oil and Gas Marketing
Renewable Energy Products
Project Management Services
Procurement Services
Commodities Marketing
Key people Michael Adeniyi Ajayi
Employees 2-10 employees
Website www.mia-alpha.com

Mia Alpha Brand is a brand which is made up of Mia Alpha Business Services Ltd registered in England and Wales in 2011 and Mia Alpha Investment Ltd in Nigeria which was formed in 2018.[1]


Mia Alpha Brand was founded by Michael Adeniyi Ajayi Nigeria

The brand operates in multiple businesses, operating in the Marketing and Trading of Oil and Gas products, Renewable Energy, Commodities, Business Services, Real Estate and the Entertainment Industry.[2]

Mia Alpha Investment Limited is a multifaceted investment company founded in 2018 in, West Africa after amassing years of experience in their target industries.

They engage and invest in various sectors with the aim of generating yield on return, developing the community and bringing economic empowerment to its people. A few of the sectors operated in are the Energy, Entertainment, Real Estate and the Commodities (Agricultural Products, Metals and Textiles) sector. [1]

Mia Alpha Business Services Ltd, incorporated in 2011 in England and Wales is fully engaged in the Entertainment Industry, Energy and Commodities Industry, Marketing oil and gas products, Renewable Energy products and Commodities such as Agricultural Products, Metals and Textiles. They also provide Consultancy, Marketing, Procurement and Project Management Services to meet the goals of their clients.[1]