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Metrotitan is a character or group of characters featured in the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

Though not featured in Transformers: Zone, Metrotitan was released with it's accompanying toy line as a Decepticon commander.

IDW Publishing

In The Transformers comics, the Metrotitans were a race of Cybertronians who served as living vessels for the Knights of Cybertron, with Metroplex as one of their number. One Metrotitan was eventually led back to Cybertron by Waspinator only to be corrupted by Shockwave and reborn as the undead Necrotitan.


  • Metrotitan (1990)
A repaint of Metroplex that comes with Metrobomb (who shares his mold with Rabbicrater and Skystalker), Metrodash (a recolor of Scamper, and Metrotank (a recolor of Brunt).