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Mehedi Hasan Uzzal is a Writer, Author, Poet, songwriter, and Novelist from Bangladesh.
Mehedi Hasan Uzzal Blue badge.png

Native name মেহেদী হাসান উজ্জল
Born March 07, 2002
brahmanbaria, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi 🇧🇩
Ethnicity Asian (Bengalis)
Education Jagannath University
Occupation Author, Writer, Lyricist, and Novelist
Years active 2015 - Present
Known for [1]
Notable works Tumi Namer Oshukh
Je Prem Eshechil
Home town Brahmanbaria, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Height 5'7"
Title A person with diverse talents

Early Life and Biography

Mehedi Hasan Uzzal Blue badge.png (Bengali:মেহেদী হাসান উজ্জল) is a Bangladeshi Author, Poet, Story-teller, Novelist and Lyricist. His hometown is in Brahmanbaria, Chattogram Division, Bangladesh.

From the very childhood, he had a distinct inclination towards poetry and rhyme. This habit developed his skill day by day and at a time he started writing Poems. His poetic talent was revealed during his secondary school studies(2015). Since then he started exhibiting his talent by participating in various poetry and cultural programs like "Bijoy Phul Utshob", "Notun Matra" etc.

Along with stories and poems, Mehedi Hasan Uzzal made his debut as a lyricist in 2020. He has written several songs and received much appreciation for them. He is well known for his Bangla Classic songs. "Shunnota", "Onuvutir Prarthona", "Brishty Hoye Tumar Chukhe", "Pichutan", "Tumar Hashi" etc. are some of them. He writes Islamic Songs also. "Ontore Rob Tumi", "Muhammad Nabi Tumi", "Allah'r Prem" etc. are some of his quite popular Islamic songs.

Mehedi Hasan Uzzal has written a Book of Bangla Poetry named "Tumi Namer Oshukh" that has been published in "Omor Ekushey Book Fair- 2023". The book depicts the emotions of youth and describes the expression of love and separation. After the publication of his first book, his writings took on a new dimension and the journey began with new enthusiasm. Now, he is writing some novels, articles and short stories for readers. He wants to spread love, care and knowledge to the world through his writings.


He was only 13 years old when he wrote his first poem. Then he found his inner peace in writings and thus he build up his career as a writer. His writings were published in various organisations such as "Notun Matra", "Shonali Sokal" "Kobi'r Kolom" etc. He published his first poetry book in Ekushey Book Fair-2023.




Additional Information

• Gender: Male

• Religious Views: Islam (Muslim)

• Relationship: Single

• Languages: Bengali, English, Hindi and Urdu

• Idol: Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

• Political Views: None

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