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Medix is the name of two characters from the series. Both are Autobot aligned medics who turn into ambulances.

Transformers: Rescue Bots

Medix appears in the Transformers: Rescue Bots toy line and turns into an ambulance, but has yet to appear on the show; the same is true of his toy line partner Sawyer Storm.


Transformers: Generations

Transformers character
Medix in robot mode
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Species Transformer


Alternate mode


Battlefield Medic

"Being the worst makes you first."

Transformers: Generations


Medix is a member of the Autobot team known as the Protectobots. He helps form Defensor when they are short a limb, and also has been known to be part of Modulus.

Fictional biography

BIO: As the prevalence of Combiners increases in the AUTOBOT military, so do their apparent weaknesses. Chief among them is the fact that if a member is incapacitated, the Combiner cannot be formed while retaining its full strength. With protection of humans their top priority, the PROTECTOBOTS have brought new members into their ranks to avoid this. MEDIX is the ninth member of the team, following ROOK, HEATROCK, and SKYFEATHER. His specialty is stabilizing the wounded and otherwise simply keeping them functioning until they can get to the advanced care of AUTOBOT RATCHET or FIRST AID. He has an extremely dry sense of humor and can seem distant at times, but his job usually doesn't allow him the comradery that his teammates share on the battlefield.

ABILITIES: MEDIX's primary job as a medic doesn't allow him the finesse of his medical colleagues, and his skills demonstrate this. He can work quickly and concisely to tie off bleeding energon lines or jumpstart a fading spark, but the results are usually not pretty to look at. Anyone in dire enough straits to need MEDIX's help on the battlefield is probably not in a position to argue. As a member of the PROTECTOBOT team, he can form either an arm or leg of the super robot DEFENSOR. In his spare time, he is also attempting to learn about human medicine so that he can function as an Emergency Medical Technician if needed.

WEAKNESSES: As he seldom is called upon to help form DEFENSOR, his integration into the Combiner mind is sometimes glitchy. Since his job often has him jump from patient to patient quickly to perform triage and treat dire injury, he sometimes ignores the situation around him, which can lead to his own injuries.

Fun Publications

Medix was called out as a member of the Modulus team on the instructions for Shattered Glass Combiner Wars Starscream.


  • Hasbro Transformers: Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Medix (2016)
A BotCon customization class exclusive figure and recolor of First Aid.
Medix was featured as a possible option for the customization class figure for BotCon 2016, as a retool of Generations Combiner Wars Offroad; the same figure could also be made into Ratchet or his Transformers: Shattered Glass counterpart.