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Medical Specialist
iGear character
Medical Specialist box
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Release number

Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Tech specs

ST04 IN08 SP04 EN05

RN07 CO08 FB03 SK10

Medical Specialist is a fictional character created by iGear in 2012 as a third party Transformer. He is an homage to the 1984 Autobot character Ratchet.


Medical Specialist is an homage to the 1984 Transformers Autobot Ratchet.

According to his tech spec numbers Medical Specialist in incredibly skilled, as well as being very smart and brave. He below average firepower, and slightly below average strength and speed.


Medical Specialist was designed by Cassy Sark.

Weapon Specialist and Medical Specialist were first revealed on the internet in June 2011.[1]

Medical Specialist was previewed at the Third Party Panel at TFcon 2011.[2]

Preorders for iGears Spray, Rager, Medical Specialist and Weapon Specialist went up on Big Bad Toy Store in August 2011.[3]

Pictures in package were first released on the internet in July 2012.[4]

Medical Specialist shipped in August 2012.

In May 2013 Reprolabels released the Specialist Ratchet labels for Medical Specialist.


In the moonbase2 podcast for August 1st, 2011 Medical Specialist and Weapon Specialist were mentioned in the news. The hosts said they looked nice and commented on the high price and the vast number of weapons.[5]

In the News Desk podcast for July 5th, 2012 Medical Specialist and Weapon Specialist were covered as a topic.[6]

In the Fwooshcast podcast for November 24th, 2012 one of the hosts talked about the Medical Specialist and Weapon Specialist they recently bought.[7]

Fictional biography

All Medical Specialist ever wanted to do was help 'bots, and to that end he devoted his spark to science.

His proudest moment came as he became understudy to a famous scientist, and for mega-cycles the two studied the robotic form, creating a better understanding of mechanical life and pioneering the entire science behind CR chambers. Over time, his master grew more and more disturbed, wanting to experiment and dismember live species and try strange experiments, to see if he could even create life itself.

When Medical Specialist objected he made one mistake, he tried to talk to his mentor rather than alerting the authorities, leaving his cruel master only one logical solution: using Medical Specialist as a live experiment, he attempted to split his one spark amongst many duplicate bodies. The science was far ahead of it's time and beyond comprehension, and as testament to the pairs work, it almost succeeded, but the huge amounts of raw energy resulted in a massive backlash, destroying the hand and burning out the optic sensor of his now cyclopean master and trapping Medical Specialist in a horribly twisted, malformed shell. No head. Stubs for arms. His surgeons hands destroyed. Unable to even transform into a vehicle form intact.

For years, Medical Specialist roamed the wastelands, a half-dead, half alive "empty" until one day, an engineering 'bot recognised his former saviour and endeavored to help. Together, the two used left over cyber-ballast (kibble as it has become known) to patch his vehicle mode and, working with a third party, created a technique known as parts forming, in an attempt to recreate a head.

It was too little to late for Medical Specialist, but at least he was now able to communicate without fellow 'bots having to look through his chest cavity. Re-vitalised, he returned to his life's work, determined to fix this blight which affected only a small minority in their otherwise magnificent culture.

His first major experiment worked, saving a volunteer police officer from a doomed existence, the two have since become good friends and allies. Determined to find all others who are also afflicted, Medical Specialist has already started working on several different molds but not before successfully turning the experiment on himself.

But this was just the start...

The second of many.


Medical Specialist is mentioned on the biography for Weapon Specialist, Hench and Tubes. Medical Specialist repaired Weapons Specialist and Hench was one of his experiments in downsizing.


  • iGear PP-05M Medical Specialist (2012)
An original third party Transformer mold by iGear. Shares the basic mold design with Weapon Specialist. Turns from robot to ambulance. Comes with a wide variety of weapons, alternate head, collector card and instructions. On the back of the instructions are co-sells for Spray, Rager, Hench, UFO, Cogz, Duneraker, Veer and Bushwacker.
This toy was remolded into Patrol Specialist and Defense Specialist.
  • Eness Toys Medical Specialist labels (2012)
A set of labels for Medical Specialist that make it look more like Generation 1 Ratchet.
  • Reprolabels Specialist Ratchet (2013)
A set of labels intended to make Medical Specialist look more like Generation 1 Ratchet.[8]



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