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Mean Bean Oaktree
Lost Protectors character
Mean Bean Oaktree art
Created by

Play With This Too

Mean Bean Oaktree is a fictional character from the Lord Protectors series. He is a homage to Beast Wars Rhinox.

Lost Protectors


Mean Bean Oaktree was suggested as a recolor of Muscules by Mathew Robert Ignash. It's colors are inspired by Beast Wars Rhinox.

In February 2015 Play With This Too released images of the prototype for Desolataur, which included parts used on Barbaricles.

In August 2015 Play With This Too released images of prototype parts for Jetstrike, which included parts used on Barbaricles.


  • Play With This Too Lost Protectors Mean Bean Oaktree (unreleased)
A 1:12 scale articulated figure with interchangeable head and limbs. He has numerous 5mm connector ports. Comes with two sets of hands (open and closed), helmet, Blockbuster flail and championship belt. He has a 5mm hole in the bottom of each foot.
Barbaricles' body is made of limbs and torso parts designed for Desolataur and Jetstrike, with the head and belt designed by Muscules. He shares the same design as Barbaricles and Muscules, except for his shoulder pad, which is on the opposite shoulder.
Barbaricles shares some parts with Baron Tuskador, Bitemark, Bloodbath, Bloodsoaked, Boneyard, Calaminous Haagenti, Catastropheles, Cloudstrike, Concept, Count Tuskules, Desolataur, Dungheap, Faststrike, Flarestrike, Gladiat-Ore, Impirator, Jetstrike, King Adder, Lord Tangent von Tuskuleser, Manvil Forgehead, Prince Carnos, Rawbat, Sir Fangramore LeVenomous, Sir Pythanore, Spine-FCKR, Stonebreaker, Stormstrike, Terrortops, Titanic Triceratops XD, Tri-Gorr, Viper Squire, Wastelander and Wrecktifier.



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