Md Salehin Hasib

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Md Salehin HasiB Ponishare-verified.png
Native name Md Salehin HasiB
Born HasiB
Residence Mymensingh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Mcc Collage Mymensingh
Alma mater SSC
Occupation Student and aslo Youtuber
Years active 2022-Present
Employer CEO
Known for Youtuber,Web And Android Software developer
Home town Mymensingh
Net worth 100k$
Height 5 fit 7 inch
Television TrickBuzz HasiB
Title Pro HasiB

ABOUT MYSELF: I'm Md Salehin Hasib . Bangladeshi Content Creator In Youtube. I am studying HSC Class. I have made a big name in the Tech Video in Youtube platform. Since adulthood, I had a keen interest in trying new things. “I am an ordinary person from the village. My reputation today, my acquaintance has been made possible by my hard work and perfect acting in winning the hearts of the audience. Then this love will never be forgotten. I have wanted to work in media since my childhood.”