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Md. Tayeen Khan
Born Bangladesh, Dhaka
Occupation Author

Md. Tayeen Khan is a Bangladeshi author, musician[1] and actor[2][3][4]. He is the music composer of the movie Among the Living and music editor of The Last Duel (2021 film). In the film he also played the character of priest[5] Edgar He also wrote the book name Understanding Remote Sensor: Beginners Guide[6][7] published by Agamee Prakashani. He is also the co-author of E-Commerce And Customer Experience In Era Of Industry 4.0 [8]. In film industry he also helped to write the movie Monstrous Disunion and played the character of Colin Baker[9][10] on Monstrous Disunion. In addition he is also the screenwriter of The Mysterious Fox. In the movie Legend of Fall Creek Md. Tayeen Khan played as Jack Smith[11].



Year Title
2021 E-Commerce And Customer Experience In Era Of Industry 4.0
2021 Understanding Remote Sensor: Beginners Guide



Year Title Role Notes
2021 The Last Duel Priest Edgar Also Music Composer
2021 Legend of Fall Creek Jack Smith
2021 Monstrous Disunion Colin Baker Also Screenwriter
2021 The Mysterious Fox Screenwriter


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