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Md Jahid Hasan Ponishare-verified.png
Born 02/April/2004
Residence Meherpur
Nationality Bangladesh
Education B.A Honours at Meherpur Government College
Occupation Cyber Security Specialist
Years active 2019-Present
Known for Cyber security Expert
Home town Meherpur , Bangladesh
Height 5 fit 9 inch
Md Jahid Hasan

Md Jahid Hasan is a Cyber Security Specialist & Famous Content Creator On Facebook who has made a big name in the video platform.He had a keen interest in trying new things. He is the son of Md. Abbas Ali.

He brought up Meherpur, Bangladesh and finished tutoring here.At the age of 15 he started his Cyber Security Specialist or Ethical Hackeing ackeing & Video creating career. He always dream to make something artistic that will retain me in the heart of millions. Now he is studying Meherpur Government College .

From adulthood, he wanted to do something different. He is a good writer also. He is most famous as a social media influence but professionally he is an entrepreneur who has made a big name in the digital marketing and social media world.

He said, "I am an ordinary person from the city. My reputation today, my acquaintance has been made possible by my hard work and perfect acting in winning the hearts of the audience. Then this love will never be forgotten. I have wanted to work in media since my childhood." And to be known all over the country. I feel established and blessed to be able to do that today..

Born and Identity

Md Jahid Hasan was born on 02 April at Meherpur, Bangladesh.


Md Jihad Hasan is a Student and Cybersecurity expert from Bangladesh.


Mother: Mst. Jahima Khatun

Father: Md. Abbas Ali



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