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Md Abu Yusuf
Native name Monna
Born 7 February
Cumilla, Bangladesh
Residence Cumilla, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi

Narsingdi Govt. College Mohammadpur Kendriya College (National University),

Govt. Haraganga College (National University)
Spouse Single

Md Abu Yusuf was born in Cumilla, Bangladesh on 7th February 1991. From his childhood, he was very much passionate about discovering new hobbies and explore new path of life. He is a professional Digital Marketer and trainer. He has been training professionally in Digital Marketing for 4 years.

Biography of Md Abu Yusuf

Md Abu Yusuf (Born February 1991, Cumilla, Bangladesh) is a Bangladeshi Digital Marketer, Writer, YouTuber, Story Teller, trainer and Teacher. He started his career from the year 2016 at the age of 25.

Md Abu Yusuf. He was born on 07 February 1991 in Cumilla. He has been associated with story telling since childhood. He graduated from Mohammadpur Kendriya College (National University) and post-graduated from Govt. Haraganga College (National University).

He has worked as a Digital Marketer in many government and non-government organizations. Currently working as the lead trainer of a non-profit organization. He has an MBA in Accounting and also received training in digital marketing from MMC Australia. He got certificate from google garage also. He has experienced during his work that if someone submit projects properly to his client, there is no shortage of work. He has done the role of Digital Marketing at DiConLogy & STS ITES Training Institute & Infosys with great repute. So along with being good at work, He think being a good person is also very important. He said "Always remember that those who are behind of you are not your competitors, but those who are ahead of you are your competitors."

A book of his poetry will be published very soon.


Father: Md Deloar Hossain (Retired Government Employee)

Mother: Mamataz Begum (Housewife)


Abu Yaqub Mithu

(Late) Dulali

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