Mayeen Uddin Mayeen

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Mayeen Uddin Mayeen
Birth name Mayeen Uddin Mayeen
Born August 25, 2002
Origin Bangladesh
Genres electronic dance music (EDM), modern, pop, folk, Classical
Occupations Singer, composer, producer, musician
Instruments Keyboard, guitar, flute, percussion
Years active 2018–present
Labels Rage music and records, Laser Vision Music, Sangeeta, Cd Choice, CMV, Gaanchil Musicx, etc

Mayeen Uddin Mayeen (born august 25, 2002) is a Bangladeshi musical artist, music producer, composer, and singer. He works on current pop music, electronic dance music, and a blend of traditional Bengali folk songs. Since 2018, he has collaborated with several well-known artists, bandleaders, and record labels. "Life is Going," his debut track, went viral in 2021 and reached the top of the charts in over thirty countries.

Personal Life

Mayeen Uddin Mayeen was born in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh. The musician doesn't reveal much about his early years. Mayeen confesses that music formed a significant part of his life when he was a child. There is no information on whether he has received any musical training. He started interested in electronic music and hip-hop as a teenager. He began composing music with classmates in high school and went on to pursue music in 2018. He is currently single.

Music Influences

Rap, rock, electronic music, and pop were among Mayeen Uddin Mayeen's greatest inspirations, according to reports.


He began producing music at the age of 16, studied many aspects of music, and was reintroduced to the music industry to release his debut soundtrack, "Life is Going," on Spotify. He publishes his soundtrack on various music platforms, such as Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, JioSaavan, and so on, after a few days. His second released music was likewise well accepted by the crowd, and after that, it went viral, bringing him instant fame and making him an overnight internet sensation.


  • Life is Going
  • Falling Never
  • Boy Come Alone
  • Faul For
  • Come Ever
  • I find A Friend
  • The Unsung Boy
  • Suimini
  • Amar Ammu Valo
  • I Never Know
  • There Is something
  • Will You be me
  • She is only mine
  • Type Of you
  • The red taxi
  • Balabo
  • Pretend to be me
  • shalaba
  • Ganjani ami


  • Meril Prothom Alo Award (2019)
  • Urocola Award (3 times)
  • Bangla Media Award (2021)

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