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Maxima is a female character in the Transformers series, introduced in the Transformers: Combiner Wars animated series.


Generation 1

Animated series

Maxima made her debut in the Combiner Wars cartoon, where she appears as an ally of—and with a similar appearance to—Windblade, both of them transforming into fighter jets with VTOL engines. She and Windblade attack Menasor after the Decepticon Combiner lands in the ruins of their home planet of Caminus, Menasor proves a formidable opponent. After losing an arm, Maxima launches a desperate attack against Menasor in order to free Windblade, only to be mortally wounded in the process. However, her sacrifice enables Windblade to put an end to Menasor, who warns her before perishing that the Council of Worlds has the Enigma of Combination and intends to create a Combiner army.

Maxima was voiced by Amy Johnston.