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Picture of Max Nilsénius


Max Milian Nilsénius is a successful entrepreneur, mentor, and author from Sweden, currently based in Dubai. He has made a significant impact in the direct sales industry through his unique coaching approach, which is informed by the challenges and obstacles he has faced throughout his career. Nilsénius began his career in direct sales at the age of 18 and has since built a successful multi-national business with 7 figures in revenue. He has traveled extensively, spoken at conventions, and trained thousands of people, as well as participated in mastermind sessions with industry professionals. Despite the successes, Nilsénius has also experienced the negative aspects of direct sales, which have given him a deep understanding of the industry and how to avoid its pitfalls. Now, he is living his passion by mentoring and actively building on the field, as well as writing mentorship and training materials to help individuals genuinely succeed in direct sales.