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Matt Hunter
Challenge of the GoBots character
Matt Hunter in Challenge of the GoBots
First appearance

Challenge of the GoBots episode #1, "The Battle for GoBotron"
Voiced by

Morgan Paull[1]
Species Human
Occupation Astronaut

UNECOM, Guardian GoBot ally
Alternate mode


Matt Hunter is a fictional character from the GoBots series. He is a human ally of the Guardians GoBots.


Matt Hunter one of three main human allies of the Guardian GoBots in the Challenge of the GoBots animated series and related fiction.

Animated series

Matt was an experienced NASA astronaut, and was charged with taking the shuttle Intrepid up to repair a satellite with the help of cadets Nick Burns and A.J. Foster. However, the shuttle was destroyed by the Renegades' Thruster, and the trio were suspended by NASA, who didn't believe their story. However, the Guardians soon contacted them for help repairing Turbo. Matt was then drawn into the battle between the two groups, instantly striking up a rapport with Leader-1.

He would regularly pilot the Guardian in battle. However, he was taken over by the Renegades' Pulsar Generator, but was freed by Turbo, Scooter and the cadets. He then helped stop the Renegades' invasion of the planet, and was obviously allowed to return to NASA.

He stayed with the service when it was revamped as UNECOM, taking a key liaison role in their alliance with the Guardians.

Matt would help discover the Last Engineer and returned to Earth when GoBotron fell to the Renegades, eventually helping pilot the Command Center during the Guardians' successful counterattack.

Matt Hunter appeared in Challenge of the GoBots episode 9, "Terror in Atlantis".

Matt Hunter appeared in episode 45, "Ring of Fire".[2]

He briefly turned out as a successful gladiator in Old GoBotron; he took the Tri-Amulet from Cy-Kill; he convinced the Guardians to listen to Doctor Braxis about the Nova Beam; he helped expose the Renegades' plans during the Vienna peace conference; he freed the captured Guardians on Elba (though he also got stranded there by way of thanks); swallowed down his pride to recruit Braxis again to combat Roguestar's stealth field, and destroyed the Renegades' Shield Generator when they used it to give crime-lord Murchison control of America.


Matt Hunter appeared in the 1984 Western Publishing Company story War of the GoBots by Robin Snyder. [3]

Matt Hunter appeared in the 1985 Western Publishing Company story Race to the Stars by Jack Harris.[4]

World International Publishing

Matt Hunter appeared in the 1985 World International Publishing Robo Machine books Champions of Lixil and The Wagner Sirens.[5][6]


Hunter appeared in the story "La Busqueda" (The Search) from the Argentina GoBots comic #4.[7]

Fun Publications

Matt Hunter appeared in the Transformers: Renegade Rhetoric episode 1 story "Rebels Without a Circuit" by Fun Publications.[8]

Matt Hunter appeared in the episode 9 story "Cy-Kill For President".[9]

Matt Hunter was featured in the 2016 Ask Vector Prime story Echoes and Fragments, set during the events of The Transformers: The Movie. The manipulations of the evil Gong and Sideways resulted in various GoBots swapping places with characters during the events of that film.[10]


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