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The term Matrix refers to a number of different topics in the Transformers franchise, sometimes being considered synonymous with AllSpark but more often referring to one of several objects within the series.

List of Matrices

Autobot Matrix of Leadership

The symbol of authority for the leader of the Autobots in various continuities, also referred to in some instances as the Creation Matrix due to its ability in some series to grant life to Transformers in similar fashion to Vector Sigma.

Decepticon Matrix of Leadership

A nonexistent Matrix featured in several series, the first being The Transformers in which it was mentioned in "The Five Faces of Darkness." The Quintessons offered it to Galvatron in a bid to get the Decepticons to help them annihilate the Autobots; in truth this was a Deception, as this Matrix never existed and the Quintessons intended that the Decepticons should fall along with the Auobots.

This element was featured again in Transformers: Retribution, where the Quintessons offered it to Megatron as part of their trickery and deception, and hinted that Unicron was its origin. A false Matrix was also used by the Quintessons to interfere with the Autobot Matrix and to control their enslaved Sharkticons. Megatron later seized this Matrix for himself, believing it to be the Decepticon Matrix, and thus gained control over the Sharkticons. This Matrix was later stolen from him by Tyrannicon, and destroyed when he and the Hydratron were consumed by a Spacebridge explosion.

Matrix of Reincarnation

In the Generation 2 line, Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus possessed a Reincarnation Matrix, which enabled them to be revived in improved bodies after perishing/sustaining heavy damage in battle.

Energon Matrices

In Beast Wars Second and Beast Wars Neo, the Convoys were equipped with Energon Matrices as part of their rank. Optimus Primal was later granted one as well when he was pulled into this timeline to assist Lio Convoy in Beast Wars Second: Lio Convoy's Close Call!, which enabled him to power up into Burning Convoy. Beast Wars: Uprising also featured an Energon Matrix bonded to Lio Convoy at the cellular level, which served to create the Maximals and Predacons after being granted to the decrepit Autobots and Decepticons by an artificially involved human race.

Matrix of Conquest

Also known as the Decepticon Matrix of Conquest and the Anti-Matrix, this artifact was created by the Predacon Shokaract to house the life force of Unicron in Transformers: Reaching the Omega Point and Beast Wars: The Ascending. In both storylines it granted him immense power, but in the latter it served to house Unicron until he could revive himself at Shokaract's expense. Upon discovering this, Shokaract tore the Matrix of Conquest out of his body, killing himself.

Mini-Con Matrix

Featured in the Transformers comic from Dreamwave Productions, the Mini-Con Matrix was possessed by Over-Run and eventually activated to defeat Unicron.

Matrix of Purification

A Matrix granted to Optimus Primal during the conflict depicted in Transformers: Universe intended to counter the corrupting influence of Unicron.

Dead Matrix

A corrupted Matrix given to Universe Nemesis Prime by Unicron, it drained part of Primus' lifeforce which was then used to revive Unicron.

Origin Matrix

A Transformers: Timelines exclusive, this Matrix formed the hilt of the Star Saber and was hidden on Shattered Glass prehistoric Earth under the protection of the Vok, and eventually recovered by Ultra Mammoth. It was later recovered from him by Nexus Prime, who used it to complete the Star Saber.

Matrix of Malice

A Matrix that appeared in the "Of Masters and Mayhem" fiction and toy line in the possession of Bludgeon, leader of the Mayhem Attack Squad. Voices from within it apparently spoke to the villainous Decepticon, who served as the core component of the mighty Thunder Mayhem.