Maruf Ahmed Tanin

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Maruf Ahmed Tanin
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Architecture
Occupation Owner,Managing Director-C.E.O of very known Company Desh Bangla Housing Limited & also "The City Real Estate Ltd".He is also Director of Somomona Real Estate Ltd
Religion Muslim By Born

Maruf Ahmed Tanin (pronounced [ˈMaːruf AhmedːTanin]; is an Engineer, Architect, Businessman,Public figure and Real Estate Company Owner. Through his career spanning over many years in Desh Bangla Housing Limited himself as one of the most popular and influential Developer . He has a large following, especially in Dhaka,Chittagong and outside Bangladesh, and has been described by The Desh Bangla (Youtube Channel). He is also Known as Engineer Maruf Ahmed or Engineer Maruf Ahmed Tanin. He was honoured by the many award in personal life

He spent his early life in Chittagong,Bangladesh. His father is a Businessman and Political Leader . He completed his higher Education in Dhaka,Bangladesh as an Architecture . Now He Lived in Dhaka with his wife and Family. He has his own Youtube Channel name "The Desh Bangla" and Facebook page named as Maruf Ahmed Tanin and Desh Bangla Housing Ltd, [ ] he is an activist and humanitarian, and has participated and spoken out for various social causes, . He is the Life time lead donor of Bangladesh Blood foundation that has funded in Shantinogor,Dhaka.He was created his own Club's for man kinds Poor Children's and mothers, through which he highlights sensitive social issues in Bangladesh,his wife name is Afrin Binte Aslam (also known as Afrin Maruf Ahmed).