Marley Hall

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Marley Hall
Born 25th May 1981
Chertsey, England
Nationality British
Occupation Midwife

Marley Hall (born 25th May 1981) is an English midwife, author and Instagram content creator.[1]

Early life

Marley is of dual heritage. She was born to Lorraine Andrews of white English descent and Norris Hall of Black Jamaican descent. She grew up in Chertsey, England, and has 6 siblings.[2]


Marley trained to become a midwife in 2005 when her first child was 5 years old. She qualified in 2009 after taking a year out to have twin boys in 2007. After working in the NHS for 11 years, she left to work as an independent midwife.[3] In 2011 she qualified as a Hypnobirthing instructor with Katharine Graves In 2019 after the birth of her 5th child, Marley decided to use social media to teach expectant parents about birth. Using her tablet to create simple illustrations, she taught a variety of topics with many of her posts becoming viral.[4] After amassing a large social media following, Marley went on to speak on various pregnancy and birth-related topics at events such as The Baby Show and the Royal College Of Midwives conference. She is often asked to appear on news programmes, radio shows and podcasts. Marley has gained notoriety for her ethnically inclusive illustrations and has been an active part of raising awareness of Black Maternal Health disparities. In March 2021 she took part in the Channel 4 Dispatches documentary ‘The Black Maternity Scandal’ presented by Rochelle Humes. Marley is also on the expert panel for the Five x More campaign and resident midwife for Channel Mum Marley’s debut book ‘Midwife Marley’s guide for everyone: Pregnancy, Birth & The Fourth Trimester (Bloomsbury publishing) is due for release in Spring 2022.[5]

Personal life

Marley lives in Surrey, England with her partner and 5 children.