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Mark Juncaj
Born August 28, 1976 (1976-08-28) (age 46)
Farmington Hills, Michigan
Nationality American
Education Henry Ford Community College
Occupation Personal Trainer. Motivational Speaker
Height 6'2"
Weight 210 lbs

Mark Juncaj is an American-Albanian fitness coach and motivational speaker.[1] Juncaj is known for mentoring and helping people in areas of faith, fitness, mental health and addiction recovery.[2]

Early Life

Juncaj was born in Farmington Hills, Michigan to Kola Juncaj and Tolja Juncaj. Juncaj has 3 siblings, 2 sisters and a brother. He was raised in Livonia, Michigan. Juncaj attended Clarenceville High School and later on, the Henry Ford Community College from where he got a degree in business management. Growing up Juncaj involved himself in different sports activities. He used to play baseball, basketball, football and ice hockey.


During highschool Juncaj played sports and was a popular kid but he eventually became an alcohol addict. After a long battle with addiction he eventually turned his life around and became a fitness expert and motivational speaker.[3]

Juncaj helps other people in overcoming their addictions and helps them achieve their personal health goals. He places special emphasis on mental and emotional health too, which he believes are equally important. According to Juncaj, a sound mind goes hand-in-hand with a solid physique. He also works as a brand ambassador for clothing and supplement brands.[4]

Juncaj plans to release a new book he wrote which focuses on the realities of addiction and helping people overcome addiction problems. He hopes that his book will inspire people and help them in becoming better versions of themselves.[5][6]

Juncaj, who's known for his fitness, was also dubbed by a major magazine as Michigan's sexiest man in 2013.[1]

Personal life

Juncaj lives in Franklin Village, Michigan. He’s a practicing Christian and often uses his strong grip on faith to inspire and motivate others.[1]


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