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Marjan Shahbazian Blue badge.png
Born 7 March 1993
Nationality Iranian
Occupation ‏Iranian photographer

Marjan Shahbazian ( Born 7 March 1993 Tehran ) is an Iranian photographer.

Personal Life

Marjan Shahbazian was interested in photography and film work since childhood. In addition, she loved architectural decoration and layout, and she chose architecture in the conservatory and architecture in the university. She loved photographing artists. After receiving her degree in architecture, Marjan began to pursue his childhood interest, which is photography.


During her associate's period, she started her specialized activity in the field of children's photography and set up her own children's studio. At the same time, At the same time, she started cooperation with wedding studios. During the university period, she started his activity in the field of advertising photography (including gold and jewelry-food-architecture-fashion and clothing-products) and specialized in her photography and videography office in various fields (music video-wedding-advertisements-children) with specialized and professional teams started Og Studio. She always tries to be present in all the projects she starts working on so that she can deliver a quality product to his customers with full supervision.

After launching the Og Studio collection, she decided to pursue her interest in fashion and clothing design, which was her sister's job and profession and I had grown up with her since childhood. Since childhood, she loved to pick up her mother's and sister's cloths and play with them. Together with his sister, she decided to launch the Mim Sheen brand in 2019 and works professionally in the fashion and clothing industry.

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