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Majidullah Qarar
Citizenship Afghanistan

Majidullah Qarar is a spokesman for Afghanistan Ministry of Agriculture in Ghazni.[1] According to the Asia Times American soldiers raided his home at 3:15 am in the morning, searching for his cousin and colleague, Habib-ur-Rahman. Habib-ur-Rahman was a computer support technician, who worked for the Afghan government translating technical documents from English to the Pashtun language. The Americans had recently received a tip that Habib-ur-Rahman, who had studied in Kuwait, was an al-Qaeda member.

According to the Asia Times bearded and tattooed American soldiers shot and killed two other cousins, Hamidullah, and Azim, food vendors at the local bazaar.[1] Habib-ur-Rahman, and another cousin were taken away. They other cousin was released a few days later. But Habib-ur-Rahman's location is not known. Asia Times wrote that he is believed to be held in the Bagram Theater Internment Facility.

Asia Times wrote:

Government officials who independently investigated the scene in the aftermath of the raid and corroborated the claims of the family also pressed for an answer as to why two of Qarar's family members were killed. American forces issued a statement saying that the dead were "enemy militants [that] demonstrated hostile intent".

Asia Times reported that the Minister of Agriculture himself had requested the Americans state what had happened to Habib-ur-Rahman, without success.[1]

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