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Madaripur (Bengali: মাদারিপুর ), being a part of the Dhaka Division, is a district in central Bangladesh.[1]


Madaripur subdivision was established in 1854 under the district of Bakerganj. In 1873 it was separated from Bakerganj and annexed to Faridpur district. Madaripur subdivision was turned into a district in 1984. Madaripur district was named after the Sufi saint Sayed Badiuddin Ahmed Zinda Shah Madar (d. 1434 CE).


Total population: 12,12,198 (Census and Housing - 2011)[2]

  • Male: 50.29%
  • Female: 49.71%

Administrative areas

Madaripur district has 3 Parliamentary seats, 4 Upazilas, 5 Police Stations, 4 Municipalities, 59 Union Parishads, 1062 Villages and 479 Mouzas.[2]

Parliamentary seats

  1. Madaripur-1
  2. Madaripur-2
  3. Madaripur-3

Upazilas and thanas

Madaripur is divided into 4 Upazilas / 5 Thanas[1]

  1. Madaripur Sadar
  2. Kalkini
  3. Rajoir
  4. Shibchar
  5. Dasar (Thana)


  • Madaripur Municipality
  • Kalkini Municipality
  • Rajoir Municipality
  • Shibchar Municipality


  • Administrator of Zila Porishod: Miajuddin Khan[3]
  • Deputy Commissioner & District Magistrate (DC): Md Wahidul Islam[4]


The total number of educational institutions in Madaripur District is 213. Literacy rate: 48%

  • College: 21 (including 3 government)
  • Secondary school: 138
  • Primary School: 677
  • Madrasa: 69

Notable residents


There are about 10 rivers in Madaripur district. They are -

  • Padma River,
  • Arial Khan River,
  • Kumar Upper River,
  • Kumar Lower River,
  • Visarkanda-Bagda River,
  • Torquee River,
  • Palrodi River
  • Palang River,
  • Madaripur Beel Route River and
  • The Mayankata River.

Place of interest

  • Shah Madar (RA) Dargah Sharif,
  • The Shrine of Sufi Amir Shah (RA),
  • Algi Kazibari Mosque - Bahadurpur,
  • Raja Ram Mandir - Khalia,
  • Jhaoudi Giri - Jhaoudi,
  • Auliapur Neelkuthi - Chilarchar,
  • Mithapur Zamindar Bari - Mithapur
  • Pranab Math - Bajitpur,
  • Mather Bazaar Math - Khoajpur,
  • Khalia Shanti Kendra - Khalia,
  • Parboter Bagan - Mastofapur,
  • Madaripur Shakuni Lake,
  • Senapati Dighi - Amaratola & Khatial,
  • Charmuguria Eco-Park,
  • Narayan Mandir - Panichatra,
  • Kulpadi Zamindar Bari and Weather office.

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