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"Who cares if I'm just a "machine"? Who cares if I'm a weapon?!" -Merin lashing out at Nadine during the end of the first half(spoiler).

The MSXX-02 (codenamed the "Exodus") is the eponymous mobile suit piloted by Merin Harper, the protagonist of Mobile Suit Angelus Exodus. An prototype MS, the Exodus is now piloted by Merin, serving as her primary means of defense against Nadine Smith.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

The Exodus is an experimental MS whose origin remain unknown to this day.


  • Type-F Plasma Collider

Two "weaponized particle accelerators(WPAs)", these were the Exodus' main and only form of offensive weaponry. As their name appears to suggest, they operated in a manner identical to industrial-scale particle accelerators, except that rather than collide, the energy was forcibly expelled. While powerful in their own right, the extensive period of time required to utilize the colliders would often leave the Exodus at a disadvantage. However, Merin's use of the NCN countered this, as they were capable of significantly reducing the charging period and enhancing the power of the plasma colliders. However, this technique can prove dangerous, as it can greatly cripple the Exodus and cause severe damage to the suit's systems. The Exodus' upgraded form now lacks the plasma colliders entirely.

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Neural Connection Network

This system functions as a brain-computer device, directly interfacing with the pilot, enabling the suit itself, its weaponry and equipment to be con trolled via thought. Due to the fact that the system requires that the user's brain be connected to the MSXX's systems, there are several drawbacks. For instance, any damaged dealt to the suit will be experienced by the pilot, and frequent use can cause the pilot to enter a catatonic state.

Melissa Destiny

"They've done nothing but control me....they've hurt me...used me like a tool....."

Merin Harper, the main protagonist, is the pilot of the Exodus(both its original and upgraded states), and the Angelus. They are depicted as a teenager with an ambiguous gender, as they are constantly addressed with gender-neutral pronouns.

  • Personality

Merin can be most easily described as angst-ridden and cynical. Their most defining features are their hatred for Nadine


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