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| screenshot_alt    =  
| screenshot_alt    =  
| caption            =  
| caption            =  
| url                = {{URL|www.mlwbd.download}}  or {{URL|www.mlwbd.com}}
| url                = {{URL|www.mlwbd.download}}  or {{URL|www.mlwbd.com}} or {{URL|https://www.mdwbd.com}}  
| slogan            =  
| slogan            =  
| commercial        = No
| commercial        = No

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Web address mlwbd.download or mlwbd.com or mdwbd.com
Commercial? No
Type of site Internet film organization
Registration Optional
Available language(s) Bengali, English
Users 1000,000
Created by Kawsar Ahamed
Launched 1 December 2017; 2 years ago (2017-12-01)
Alexa rank 200 (Rank in Bangladesh) (As of 30 August 2018)[1]
Current status Active

MLWBD is an online film organisation founded by Kawsar Ahamed in 2017. MLWBD provides BluRay Movies at affordable size . MLWBD started their journey around dec of 2017 . Their team members upload copyright free movies. MLWBD doesn't pirate any Bangladeshi movies. They upload 480P 720P 1080P & 4K Ultra HD Movies for users . MLWBD don't use advertise on their site . They don't earn money . They run this website for the movie lovers .[2] as of August 2018 they have 120,000+ members in their Facebook group. [3]


In 2017 Kawsar Ahamed wanted to create an organisation with a goal of share movies among the movie lovers of Bangladesh . There are million of movie lover in Bangladesh . People download movies from pirated website , torrent . But these website use huge advertise & earn a lot of money by their users . Then , Kawsar Ahamed decided to create a community for movie lover of bangladesh which is fully free of cost . He don't earn money from MLWBD . Even he pay the domain & hosting bill from his own pocket money . At this time , MLWBD's alexa rank is improved . Now MLWBD is one of the largest movie place in Bangladesh & India .


  • Movies.
  • Movie reviews. [4]
  • Criticism.
  • Movie updates .
  • BluRay copyright free movies .


The site has a goal of share their website & organization globally to the whole movie lovers . They are the only organization , that work for without any revenue .