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MFI Kaos
Background information
Birth name Kamil Jabarr Clarke
Also known as MFI Kaos
Born July 22, 1994 (1994-07-22) (age 29)
Baltimore, Maryland
Origin USA
  • Rapper
  • singer
  • songwriter
  • record producer
Years active 2015–present

MFI Kaos has been slowly making a name in the fast-paced hip-hop world, where artists rise and fall with the music.[1] King Kaos (MFI Kaos), whose real name is Kamil Jabarr Clarke and who was born on July 22, 1994, in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, is a multi-talented artist whose spectacular rise to fame has been nothing short of a miracle having begun his career on the streets of East Baltimore.

Early life

On July 22, 1994, Kamil Jabarr Clarke—known online as MFI Kaos—was born in Baltimore, Maryland, a vibrant city. Born and raised in the vibrant streets of East Baltimore, Kamil was fully immersed in this historic city's rich and varied culture. His journey from Baltimore's busy neighborhoods to the world music stage is an inspiring story of skill, tenacity, and creative development.

During his early years, Kamil—who attended Lake Clifton High School—mixed average teenage experiences with an increasing love of music. The seeds of his future profession were planted in Lake Clifton's corridors and classrooms. He was exposed to a wide variety of musical styles at this time, which significantly impacted the development of his creative approach. The distinctive combination of hip-hop, trap, R&B, and club found in MFI Kaos's music demonstrates his ability to skillfully blend various sounds to produce something original. It also represents the varied influences of his background.

MFI Kaos has shown his versatility as a rapper, vocalist, composer, record producer, and studio engineer by wearing several hats since entering the music industry in 2015. His work with Made For It Music Group, his label, where he has produced music that connects with sincerity and true passion, demonstrates his independent attitude. The journey of MFI Kaos is about more than just music; it's about finding a place in a constantly changing business while adhering to one's principles and goals. His music bears witness to his commitment and the unwavering spirit of Baltimore that he takes with him as he continues to leave his imprint.

"Down Da Hill," a neighborhood in East Baltimore, Maryland, is where Kamil's journey starts. He moved a lot throughout his upbringing, yet he was constantly attracted to his origins. At nine, JC the Great, his father, an underground rapper from Brooklyn, New York, exposed him to music. His early exposure served as a springboard for his lifelong love of music.

Even though Kamil had a natural talent, his path wasn't easy. At Lake Clifton High School, he got the chance to participate in varsity football. But the streets, the companionship of pals, and freestyle sessions were too good to pass up. He didn't start taking music seriously until he was 17 or 18 years old, at which point he improved his mixing, recording, and composition abilities. His skill level increased, so he began providing his buddies with recording and mixing services. Kamil's journey was not without difficulties. Like his dad, he became caught in the bustle of city life, which resulted in short run-ins with the police. He joined the Great Foundation for Learning Arts, a nonprofit mentoring program that utilizes the arts to keep kids out of gangs, in 2004. This was a sea change in his life. Here, Kamil developed his creative abilities and became a mentor, helping to shape the next generation.[2]

Professional career

MFI Kaos's career is proof of his brilliance and tenacity. He's done recordings and live performances at the Depot, Velvet Room, Lux, Ottobar, and Bliss Nightclub, among other places. His songs have received praise and recognition after being featured on SayCheese, WorldStar, and Genius.[3]

Hip-hop musicians Twist Trap Dollas, Test (Freebandz), TSO Tadoe, Tate, SIX Marie,[4] Undarated Lor Chris, Meek Mill, Future, Fyndee Boy, FBG Duck are just a few of the names he has collaborated with. These partnerships highlight his adaptability and ability to compete with the biggest names in the business.

Released on July 23, 2023, MFI Kaos's most well-known album is a major turning point in his career. The album's quick rise amply demonstrates his ascent to prominence in music. Major companies, including Warner Records, Asylum Records, Diplomat Records, and Interscope Records, have shown interest in MFI Kaos. Still, he has remained independent, a testament to his commitment to his craft and desire to maintain creative control.


MFI Kaos's Musical Chronicles Each song in MFI Kaos's catalog is a new chapter in his ongoing story, a colorful tapestry of his life experiences. His music appeals to listeners worldwide because it combines passion and exquisite creativity. Here, we explore some of his most well-known compositions that have defined his career and left his stamp on listeners' hearts.

  • Had It Hard (2022)

Had It Hard is a strong song that captures the highs and lows of MFI Kaos's life and was released on May 5, 2022. The song honestly depicts his journey, highlighting the challenges he encountered and overcame. Anyone who has experienced hardship may relate to the song's lyrics, which combine universal truths with personal narratives. This song is evidence of his tenacity and capacity to turn adversity into inspiration.[5]

  • Make It Out (WSHH Heatseekers) (2022)

Make It Out is a song for hope, more than merely a song, and it was featured on WorldStarHipHop as a Heatseeker.[6] It resonates with everyone who aspires to rise beyond their current situation and accomplish something greater. The song is a monument to MFI Kaos's poetic skill and a source of motivation for individuals who dare to dream because of its captivating storyline and catchy music.[7]

  • 3 Letters

3 Letters is yet another remarkable release by MFI Kaos. This song demonstrates his creative ability by fusing several musical components to produce a distinctive sound. His brilliance as a writer is shown by the song's complex wordplay and rhythmic flow, while his studio engineering prowess is highlighted by the song's high caliber of production. 3 Letters is a song, but it's also the musical embodiment of MFI Kaos's unique style.[8]

Personal life

MFI Kaos is a father of 4 children. His father name is Jamaine Clarke (JC The Great) from Brooklyn, NewYork and mother is Janice Williams from Baltimore, Maryland.

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