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Oli Mia
Born 10 May 2000
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation singer and musician
Known for Web Developer, Software Developer & Programming.
Notable works Freelancer

MD Oli Mia is a Bangladeshi singer. Her birth 10 May 2000 He is born in Barishal Distic Mathbaria Thana for He is currently studying in Honours 3 rd Year of Govt BM College Barishal . he learned music from an early age and took music along with his studies. Her father's job has been to transfer them to different districts and she has gained a reputation for singing in each district. Has spent the rest of the time working. Not only song but also dance sketch drawing of different school competitions was her skill. She has performed many times in various school competitions and regional concerts in the area and has gained fame. Although he could not concentrate on the song properly due to the pressure of studying, he never gave up sing. he spent a very boring time at home during the Corona Lockdown in 2020 when he thought he should do something about her music. Then she started making new cover versions of different songs on that guitar and started posting them on social media and got very good response. The public began to take his songs very well. She is still working on his original song.

Profession : Bangladeshi singer

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