MD Nadim Mostaq Eman

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MD Nadim Mostaq Eman is a verified artist on spotify and jiosaavn He has released a total of 4 music so far. His Organization Name is [SAN LTD]. The music he released is very beautiful. He doesn't use voice in his music, he wants to be a great musician. He is 21 years old. He has been researching music since he was just 15 years old. He's not just a musician. He is very good at hacking as well. She is currently studying in China. However, due to the horrors of Corona, he is now staying in Bangladesh.

He's not just software. Knows everything about the phone. Can solve any problem of phone. He used to root and customize his phone. He was not satisfied with the features of the phone provided by the company so he customized his phone completely as his own. He is a skilled expert in mobile and computer operation. His iq is so good that it can be learned completely by working on a subject for a few days, and it's just about computer or phone.

In addition to these things, he was also experienced in setting up or repairing the electronic things in the house. Fans, lights, fridges, everything in the house he could set up successfully.

In fact, his skills, can not be said about him. He has so many qualities that all the teenage boys and girls in his area knew.


'''His Bio data:''' Birth Date: January 3, 2000 Nickname: Nadim Birth City: Pabna Current City: Pabna Hometown: Pabna Height: 5 fit 6 inch Gender: Male Ethnicity: Bangali Eye Color: Brown Contact: Facebook: [1] Instagram: [2] Twitter: [3]

Listen his music on: Spotify: [4] Deezer: [5] Jiosaavn: [6]