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FansProject character
Created by

Release number

Aliases V, Master V
Species Transformer
Family Knight (brother)

Alternate mode

Drill/gun/hovercraft/plane/robotic wolf

MADLAW is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Quickswitch made by FansProject in 2015.



In November 2014 FansProject released a biography for MADLAW on their Facebook page.


The TransMissons podcast for September 15th, 2014 discussed FansProject Quickswitch homage, Sigma L and Volar in the news.[1]

Fictional biography

Confused by his rumored origins, and considered by many to be the son of a tyrant, V was so conflicted that he had never been able to change into any alt. mode, getting stuck halfway through. His entire life, he had never known what he turned into, and without knowing what he was, he had struggled to find a FUNCTION.

While trying to save a village, he suffered a vicious attack at the hands of UUUU and Sigma L, who left him for dead. He would have died, but the villagers he failed to defend saw kindness in his actions and nursed him back to health. The villagers taught him the act of meditation, in an attempt to boost his natural healing abilities. V struggled with this for a long time, but he persevered, and then one day something new happened. Mid-meditation, his form altered, into that of a wolf, a blend of mysterious energies shot out as he did so and one of the villagers recognized him as something ancient from times elemental; a robot with multiple alt. modes and strange powers.

Vowing to master all five of his alt. modes, he started on the path that would lead him to become Master V. In an attempt to find an inner balance, he set about learning all of his mysterious alt. modes one by one.

Wood Runner - The first mode he mastered, was a quadruped land animal, similar to a wolf. This was the start of a period of growth for Master V, as he took root in his own potential, like a young seedling.

Laser Shot - The second mode represented all the fire, energy and potential inside him. The was the most dangerous of all his modes to master, and also the hardest to control.

Dirt Driller - His tank mode signaled a period of transition, learning to harvest the power inside himself with moderation, as he learned to live in balance with the earth and world around him.

Air Strike - Learning to harvest all of the power inside himself and mastering the mysterious metal element, he learned how to hone his body into a jet mode. The culmination of all of his energy.

Aqua Force - Finally, in his boat mode, he attained total equilibrium. Mastering stillness and quiet, he became a true sage of the five elements.

Within a year, he had mastered all five of his modes and had achieved an inner equilibrium. No longer conflicted, he thanked the villagers, promising to return one day after he had bought balance to the planet. Where before there had been only chaos and the rule of the fist, now there would be a new law, his law. MADLAW.


  • FansProject Function-XV MADLAW (2015)
Shares a mold with Knight.


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