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Professor Lois Ransome is a female human scientist from Challenge of the GoBots who appears in the episode "Terror in Atlantis" as the assistant of Professor Janis. The pair were aided on an expedition to Atlantis by the Guardians, only to be ambushed by the Renegades, who were revealed to be in league with Professor Janis. Using the Atlantean Amulet of Power, Janis summoned mythological monsters and attempted to reach the Crypt of Dreams, a portal to another dimension. However, Ransome aided the Guardians, and they were eventually able to capture Janis, who came to see the error of his ways and promised to aid UNECOM in further investigation of Atlantis. Ransome displayed an attraction to Matt Hunter, but didn't appear again prior to the series' conclusion, thus leaving it unknown if the pair established a relationship.