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Liubov Belousova Ponishare-verified.png
Born May 14, 1983 (1983-05-14) (age 40)
Moscow, Russia
Nationality French
Occupation Art dealer, Gallery owner and CEO & Founder of BOCCARA ART Galleries.
Organization BOCCARA ART Galleries

Liubov Belousova (born 14 May 1983) is the CEO and founder of the modern and contemporary fine art gallery - BOCCARA ART Gallerie in New York City. She quickly expanded to Miami, Mexico, Moscow, and Monaco. First achieved international attention in 2001 with the development of the first online art gallery.[1]

Making her debut at the age of 18 as a student, becoming one of the first progenitors of a groundbreaking online platform. Currently, the gallery collaborates with over 13 online art platforms such as Artsy, [2] Artnet,[3] Artsper,[4] Artlimes, Artterms,[5] 1stdibs,[6] Artland,[7], Artmajeur[8], Artling, Kooness,[9] Kunstmatrix, and others, in addition to an online web gallery.[10][11]

2019 brought the collaboration with Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman Group, becoming an important shift of the firm's growth strategy after its bankruptcy in 2020 focusing on a shift to online sales.[12]

Lubov is a member of NAWBO[13] – National Association of Women Business Owners, New York, and additionally, an active supporter of the Norton Museum in Palm Beach, Florida.[14]

Currently, BOCCARA ART Galleries are established in New York, Miami, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, and Moscow. Since 2007 and under her leadership direction BOCCARA ART Galleries have invested significantly in engaging the local art communities to encourage growth, learning, and education in the arts.[15]

BOCCARA ART curates monthly exhibitions and is selected to exhibits in over 12 major international annual Art Fairs including Art Miami,[16] Asia Week New York,[17] Art New York, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, Art Palm Beach, Art Boca Raton, LA Art Show, SOFA Chicago, ZonaMaco Mexico City, ESTRE Arte Uruguay, PArC Peru Art Contemporaneo, KIAF Seoul, Fine Art Asia Hong Kong, Art Shanghai.[18]


Liubov Belousova,[19] CEO and Founder of BOCCARA ART Galleries, launched BOCCARA ART in 2007.[20] The web of galleries representing global artists. Focusing on Asian artists, such as the Chinese contemporary artist Fu Wenjun[21][22] and Yu LanYing.[23] Most recently, Boccara Art has been representing the following living Korean artists: Hyun Ae Kang,[24] Kim Seungwoo, Kim Jeong Yeon, Krista Kim, Cha Yun Sook & Hayeon,[25][26] and British artist Benjamin Shine.[27][28]

The New York Gallery opened in Manhatan in 2016 at 130 West 56th street on the 5M Floor, overlooking Central Park. Two years later BOCCARA ART Brooklyn was open, featuring 5000 sq ft space for staging important art installations. The gallery was housed in a historic building in 24th Street, Brooklyn and have seen numerous important exhibitions including Laolu solo show, Hyun Ae Kang and Fu Wenjun’s solo shows, as well as Kim Jeong Yeon show as part of Asia Art New York 2020.[29] In 2018 Liubov opened BOCCARA ART Mexico in Monterrey, Mexico. In 2019 – BOCCARA ART Los Angeles in Brea, California and BOCCARA ART Moscow on Bolshaya Sadovaya 8. In January 2020 – BOCCARA ART Miami, and in 2021 – BOCCARA ART Palm Beach.[30][31]

Personal Life

Born and educated in Moscow, in early the 2000s she moved to Paris to focus on art history. Later settling in Beaulieu-Sur-Mer France to continue her interests in fine art and to establish a gallery in Monaco. Currently living in Palm Beach, Florida since 2021.[32][33]


Sotheby's Institute of Art.[34]

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