List of Negative Universal Clusters

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The following is a list of Negative Universal Clusters in Transformers and related fiction.

  • Aurex (Unicron Trilogy)
    • -AA02 (Aurex Alpha 2002) - Negative universe version of the Unicron Trilogy cartoon.
  • Gargant (GoBots series)
    • -GA85 (Gargant Alpha 1985) - The negative universe seen in the Challenge of the GoBots episode "Transfer Point".
  • Malgus (Transformers Animated)
    • -MA07 (Malgus Alpha 2007) - Shattered Glass Animated from the planned season 4 of Transformers Animated.
    • -MC20 (Malgus Conceptus 2020) - Shattered Glass Animated Concept Art released in 2020.
  • Newmanor (Doctor Who series)
    • -ND70 (Newmanor Delta 1970) - Negative Universe seen in the Doctor Who serial "Inferno".
  • Primax (Generaton 1)
    • -PA84 (Primax Alpha 1984) - The negative counterpart of the Transformers Sunbow Cartoon. Seen in Epilogue 2 and Pete's RoboCon.
    • -PE08 (Primax Epsilon 2008) - The main Shattered Glass universe introduced for BotCon 2008.
    • -PG05 (Primax Gamma 2005) - The Shattered Glass version of the 2005 IDW Transfromers comics.
    • -PG21 (Primax Gamma 2021) - The Shattered Glass Shards series by IDW Comics.
  • Roddus (Star Trek series)
    • -RD67 (Roddus Delta 1967) - Negative Universe first introduced in the Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror".

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