List of 5mm peg compatible toys

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Transformers Breakdown toys using BMOG weapons through the use of 5mm ports and pegs

5mm pegs are a common type of connector found among toys manufactured from the 1980's and later. This is partial a list of 5mm peg compatible toys organized by toy company.


The entire BMOG Toys concept is based on 5mm port and peg compatiblty.

BTS Toys

The BTS Toys Sonicron has 5mm holes in its hands.


The FansProject Munitioner and Explorer and their remolds have 5mm weapons. Tailclub features 5mm holes on the sides of his arms, and a 5mm peg on his shell.


Numerous Transformers toys use 5mm ports.[1]

Keith's Fantasy Club

The Micro Robo and its remolds have 5mm holes in the fists.


The Specialist series of molds from iGear have 5mm weapons. UFO and its recolors also have 5mm weapons.


The Paladin/Chaos toy has 5mm holes in the fists.

Mech Ideas

The Mech Ideas Apex/Geminus and their recolors and remolds use 5mm weapons.


The Micronauts line of toy features numerous 5mm ports used for assembly.

TFC Toys

The TFC Toys Hercules and its recolors use 5mm weapons.


Toyworld's Hardbone and Brainwave use 5mm weapons.