Linus Williams Ifejika

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Linus Williams Ifejika
Born Linus Williams Ifejika
14 March 1998
Delta State, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Other names B-Lord (BITCOIN LORD)
Occupation cryptocurrency trader, entrepreneur and Coach
Years active 2017 - Present
Organization B-lord Group of Company
Children 1

Linus Williams Ifejika popularly known as B-Lord born (14 March 1998) is a Nigerian base entrepreneur, business man,[1] Investor and philanthropist [2] with business interests in cryptocurrency trading, entrepreneur coaching, fashion, and real estate development[3]. He is also the founder of B-Lord group of company[4].

Early life and Education

Linus Williams born on (14 March 1998) is from Umuji Ebenebe, Awka North Local Government, Anambra state born in Nigeria but spent his early days in Delta State, Nigeria. he attended and later graduated from Anambra State University Uli where he studied Computer science.[5] [6]


After graduating from school, Linus Williams became interested in crypto trading where he became an advocate for Bitcoin[7]. Linus Williams Ifejika started his career in 2017 as a business coach on Instagram where he mainly focus on sharing business tips,[8] on cryptocurrency entrepreneurship,[9] before starting his own cryptocurrency exchange platform named B-Lord group of company .[10][11][12][13] Being an entrepreneur ,he later expanded his career he also own a real estate firm.[14]

EFCC arrest

On first of September 2020, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC in Enugu State arrested Linus Williams Ifejika for allegedly bitcoin scam in enugu state after being detained for 10 days,[15] Linus filed lawsuit against efcc for allegedly violating his right and seizing of his properties after nothing incriminating was found on him after his arrest. [16][17][18]


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